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First Marine Division Association
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OBJECTIVE: To assist dependents of deceased or 100% permanently disabled veterans of service with the 1st Marine Division in furthering their education towards a bachelor's degree.

POLICY: Grants of up to $1,750 per academic year are awarded to full time, undergraduate students who are attending an accredited college, university, or higher technical trade school, up to a maximum of four years. Neither graduate study requests nor applications at the high school or prep school level are accepted. Payments are made directly to the educational institution.

ELIGIBILITY: Limited to dependents of honorably discharged veterans, now deceased from any cause or totally and permanently disabled, who served in a unit that was part of, attached to, or operating in support of, the 1st Marine Division. Beneficiaries who marry before completion of the course, or who fail to complete an academic year for reasons other than scholastic, must reapply before benefits may be resumed.

SCOPE: The scholarship program is supported entirely by voluntary donations from Association members. Since the start of the program, some 522 students have received more than $2.2 million in tuition assistance.

PROCEDURE: Prospective applicants who consider themselves eligible should follow the application instructions below:

INSTRUCTIONS: In order to verify the 1st Marine Division related period of service of the deceased or 100% and permanently disabled veteran sponsor, please complete the Standard Form 180 (or get more info first) and mail directly to the National Personnel Records Center, GSA (Military Personnel Records), 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63132. When a veteran sponsor's DD214 is locally available and indicates 1st Marine Division service, return a copy with this instruction sheet. That will expedite processing of this application.

In addition, the following information must be provided to this office:

1._____An official copy of the death certificate of the applicant's sponsor under the seal of an Office of Vital Statistics or:

2._____An Affidavit from the Veteran's Administration attesting to the 100% and permanent disability of the applicant's sponsor. Failure to state both 100% and permanent will result on rejection of the application.

3._____A official copy of the applicant's birth certificate under the seal of an Office of Vital Statistics.

4._____The name, address and telephone number of the applicant's parent. guardian, or whoever stands in loco parentis.

5._____The name of the college, university or higher technical trade school which the applicant attends or plans to attend and the anticipated graduation date.

6._____The name of the high school in which the applicant is currently enrolled.

7._____A statement indicating that the applicant will either live on campus or daily commute to school from a specified home address.

8._____Recent photograph of the applicant.

9._____The applicant's Social Security Number and telephone number.

10_____A letter from the prospective scholar describing goals and aspirations.

Upon receipt of the foregoing by this office, the applicant will be further advised.
(Rev 3-96)

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